How far in advanced do I have to book a flight?

Cloud Chasers books on a First Come, First Serve basis and priority is given to the earlier bookings.

How can and do I pay for the flight?

The flight can be paid in advance through our flight booking system, or with cash upon completion of the flight.

How early must I show up for the flight?

You must arrive at the designated Launch Site 45 minutes prior to departure – Unless advised otherwise by Cloud Chasers in the Booking Phase.



Is there a dress code for flying?

We encourage you to feel comfortable when you fly – Dress as casual as you want but no heels or sandals. (Closed Toe Footwear)

Can I bring a camera?

Creating a moment that you can capture for a life time is our number one goal – Bring cameras and binoculars!.

What is the weather like?

Be prepared to dress according to the current weather conditions. The temperature difference is very minimal during the flight as compared to ground level

How comfortable is the flight

All Cloud Chaser Rides are standing flights and customers must be able and prepared to stand for the full duration of the flight


General Questions

What kind of packages do you offer?

An overview of the Cloud Chasers Services can be found on our Services Page on the top navigation menu.

How long is the flight?

The flight times are dependent on the package chosen and are all approximate times with varying conditions

Does Cloud Chasers run all through the year?

Yes – Cloud Chasers runs all through the year but Winter flights are difficult to schedule based on fast paced weather conditions as well as muddy launch locations

Can we purchase Tether Rides instead of a full flight?

Of course you can – We have packages designed to meet all of your needs.



Can you control the direction of the Flight?

There are a number of factors that affect the direction of the Flight – Wind direction plays a major factor in the decision. Flight direction can be controlled by managing different altitudes

How high do the passenger rides go up in the sky?

Cloud Chasers Balloon Rides travel to between approximately 1,000 – 2,000 ft or 500 ft depending on the clients preference.

How fast can the Balloon travel?

The balloon can travel as fast as the wind that is propelling it. Safety and client preference is our first priority – We fly to suit your needs

How comfortable is the Flight?

The Balloon Ride is very comfortable and steady. There is no swaying or motion during the Flight.