Cloud Chasers Launches New Balloon

The balloon towers more than 8 stories high, filled with nearly one-fifth of a million cubic feet of hot air. It carries 6 passengers into the Ontario skies. By comparison, the new balloon is two to three times the size of a standard two-person balloon.

β€œIt is a true bucket-list item and we allow anyone to experience the thrill of floating in a hot air balloon.”- Pilot

A typical balloon would hold about 2 people and contain about 77,000 cubic feet of air in the envelope, which is the top part. This new balloon will hold 6 passengers and contain 160,000 cubic feet, You could fly the average balloon inside this balloon!


stratford balloon rides by cloud chasers new hot air balloon New balloon basket ready for take off!

Social Media Lauch – Winning Announcement!

Zan and I would like to thank everyone for helping spread the social buzz around Cloud Chasers. It has definately been an interesting day across facebook and twitter to say the very least πŸ™‚

There was a very organized, professional and un-cheatable process followed during the the selection of the draw winner. To ensure that everyone was well aware of the process followed, we have captured it for all to share in.

Since this was a digital medium launch for Cloud Chasers – What better way for us to share the results!

Free Balloon Ride – Winner Announcement

Thanks again for the continued support.

Please check the Events section for upcoming fundraisers and public events in your local communities.

– Cloud Chasers

Free Balloon Ride Draw – Social Media Crowd Sourcing

Cloud Chasers has put together a free draw for a ride in out brand new balloon courtesy of H. Van Moorsel Insulation.

The response we have been recieiving through various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Youtube has been outstanding and we want to thank everyone for their support by giving back to our amazing communities.

We will be drawing the winner at approximately 10:00 PM so don’t delay!

How to Enter

Share the Cloud Chasers website posting you have seen on the Facebook pages with all of your friends and let’s make this a shared experience for all!


Good luck everyone – Can’t wait to fly with you.

Zan and Tim


Entry Names and Cloud Chasers Supporters

Josh vanwezel, Jason Van Moorsel, Kevin Murphy, Jalen Aitcheson, Gus Anderson, Laurie Foster, Darla Hougen Nitsche, Barbara McNeil Boone Gough, James McCreight, Amanda Hohner, Krystal Scott, Travis VanBakel, Kenney Allen, Gregory Murray, Joseph Garton, Tim Kolkman, Kurtis Earl Bromley, Jessica Baer, Sarah-Jo Kinsman, Adam Hodgson, Tiffany Savile, Josh Shea

Jamie Deloyer, April pfeiffer, Scott VandeBorne, Rebecca Dore-Dearing, Jake biggelaar, Nick Mckay, Rob Geo, Tyler bedour, Janine Knight, Andrew Louwagie, Cole Hanna, Douglas Mochrie, Carlie Sanderson, Ann noise ohl, Melissa Smith, Nathan Ritz, Derrick Wolfe, Kim Vanderhyden, Victoria Vanderhyden, Crystal wood, Holly thorton, Jessie rupert, Mark Niessen

Emily Bakker, Tim Robinson, Olivia Chupik, Luc Nahrgang, Kayla Chambers, Jen Shean, Stacy Burke, Tascha Nicole, Jen Boers,
Kristin Withey, Kandice Mary-Jo Withley, Jenny Donkers, Sanne Bertens, Maggie Vath, Alix Sholdice, Kyle Schiavone, Justin Bueckert, Whitney Locken, Sarah Skelding, Mike Rock, Steph Sager, Jenna Chappel, Mitchell Cycle, Broady Gavigan, Nathan Malbrecht, Tracy Nicholson, Karen Knight, Shelby Carson, Skippy Johnson, Heather Ward, Krystle Evelyn, Tara Herd

Caroline Eineke, Phil OD, Ashley Garside, Christopher Stirling, Richelle Coombe, Mirande Peters, steve c ashawasegai,
Michaella Reeve, Adam Reeve, Alyson McKellar, Erin Wouters, Jannelle Lewis, Matt Neubrand, Jessi Shields, Kara Fischer, Greg Van Moorsel, Brittany Siemon, Deano Kelly, Aaron Czajkowski, Kayla Walkom, Colleen Vivian Johnson, Lauren Bedard, Eric Hutton
Tracy Duscharme, Karna Brennan, Paula Marie, Andrew Watt, Greg Garton, Matt Rose, Randy Ohl, John Trudgeon, Garry Scherbarth
Josh Ball, Alisha Moore, Ryan Bettles, Dan Myers, Bill Hocking, Becky Dallner, Brent Foley, Ryan Rusaw, Jason Kelly

Public Tether – Buck and Doe – Nathan and Laura

Cloud Chasers will be setup and offering tethering rides at the Thorndale Community Center on Saturday, April 28th (255 Upper Queen Street) in Thorndale, Ontario.

This will be the first Public Event with our Brand New H. Van Moorsel Balloon.

The event is a Buck and Doe for Laura Kennedy and Nathan Malbrecht. All tether proceeds will be donated back to Nathan and Laura.

Come out for a great time and show your support for these two!

Tethering Rides will be $10 and can be purchased directly at the door.

Buck and Doe Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.
They can be purchased from anyone in the wedding party, the bride and groom, or at the door!

Public Facebook Event:

We cannot wait to see everyone there.


Cloud Chasers

Tether Ride for Friendly Mennonite Family

Zan & his brother MarkFreeman408 were up in the balloon at 10,000′ getting some great video with the GoPro HD on a boom pole tonight for some probably never before seen/filmed footage … some spectacular shots:

After the flight, Zan & Mark landed in a field owned by very friendly Mennonite farmers … he stayed back until all the kids, moms & dads had been up on the tether … good work Zan! He is a fully licensed hot-air balloon pilot now (congrats Zan) & has opened up a new Balloon Ride business “Cloud Chasers” … he’ll have a website up soon. Good luck with your new business Zan! Greg Parker, along with Steve Paterack, Rob Freeman & brother Mark helped Zan out tonight.